After “IT”, Universal acquired the rights to adapt a horror novel by Stephen King

After “IT”, Universal acquired the rights to adapt a horror novel by Stephen King

James Wan and Roy Lee will produce the science fiction horror film published in 1987.
On April 20, Universal Pictures won the rights to Stephen King’s thriller science fiction thriller Tommyknockers (1987) in a fierce auction.

James Wan, director and filmmaker of The Conjuring and Roy Lee, one of the IT producers, is also adapted from Stephen King’s original, which will team up with veteran filmmaker Larry Sanitsky embarked on the adaptation of this horror novel. To take over the rights to the Tommyknockers, Universal defeated two of Sony and Netflix.

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The Tommyknockers tell the story of the small town of Maine, where people’s minds are gradually being controlled by aliens with a dangerous gas. Gas transforms people, giving them mutant abilities, but it also causes them to become violent and subject to the control of aliens as their subjects. Only an alcoholic poet named Gard can see what is really happening, he is immune to alien poison by a piece of steel in his head due to skateboarding accident.

“This is an addictive narrative (Stephen King has struggled with himself at the time because of alcoholism), the threat of nuclear weapons, the danger of extremists and the “It’s a story of the eternal power of love and salvation,” Sanitsky said.

Stephen King (born September 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine) is an American writer who writes about horror or fantasy genre, which is very popular around the world, especially with modified motifs. normal stress situations into panic phenomena.

His horror stories and diverse writing have made critics accept the science fiction horror genre as a component of 20th century literature. He has made a number of works transformed into films. Thinner, Cat Eye, Maximum Overdrive, Mist, Under The Dome, IT, …

Earning $ 13.5 million in ticket sales for the premiere show on the first day of release (07/09/2017), IT has officially landed on the throne of the North American box office with a record set the following: the horror film has the largest pre-show sales; R-rated films have the largest pre-show sales; September film has the highest pre-show sales of all time; Stephen King’s best-selling film.

In addition to the success of IT, other derivative works from Stephen King’s books such as The Shining, The Green Mile, Carrie, Children of the Corn, Gerald’s Game … (except The Dark Tower) are all reaping. The great success that this writer not only become the horror king on the paper but also one of the writers guarantee the quality of the script horror adaptations.

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