Three things make director Quentin Taratino a quintessential independent filmmaker

Three things make director Quentin Taratino a quintessential independent filmmaker


In Pulp Fiction; Jules Winffield’s iconic character Samuel L. Jackson can be a horde of assassins like in any crime horror movie, but Tarantino wants to bring more to his character. A moral issue, a sense of understanding that makes this character deeper than one level; Allowing the viewer to become discouraged between the good and the evil. In a violent scene, Jules kills two men who point to their crime boss Marcellus Wallace. Anti-villains strongly demonstrate a long religious teaching about finding the right path; “Ezekiel 25:17.

“The way of the just man is surrounded in every way by the injustice of selfishness and the cruelty of the wicked.” Fortunately, that person, in the name of charity and goodwill, leads the weak through the valleys of darkness, so that you are truly the grandchildren in search and the lost children, and I will retaliate against you with great feud and intense anger those who try to poison and destroy And you will know that I am the Lord when I raise that feud with you. ”

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Tarantino’s decision to give his character a reading passage makes the “evil” a very unique depth. The culmination of religion and murder, evil and philosophical reflection are guilty of crime, independent cinemas at the purest level – breaking standards, regulations, expectations and pruning. character and personality from a contrasting aspect. To the viewer, Tarantino’s arrogance as a shameless filmmaker combining God and the killer is all that makes his crime tend to be both shocking and inspiring. at. Tarantino – “Turns valuable elements into something higher, better, bolder.” His films challenge taboos in our society in the most direct way possible, and at the same time add humor element satire. ”

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Tarantino creates his own character and pushes them to the absolute extreme; Jules is the most prominent offender from the traditional black society to kill the traditional into a heroic heroic philosophy is one of the great film development. At the end of the movie, he chooses to kill Pumpkin and Honey Bunny, shoplifters and save shoppers. However, this is not enough for Tarantino, not just to make the character make a natural decision and kill people to save the innocent; He also had to save the evil. He got Jules to give Pumpkin and Honeybunny everything, “he ventured unnecessarily to save a man he did not know and one who did not want to be saved because it was morally right. Can you think of a simpler definition of heroism? ” Making the villain the ultimate hero, by saving a new wave of villains is a complete change in Tarantino’s main character. However, the offense trend does not stop here, in the style of the film, through the non-linear discrete story, its position in the film is not positioned in the story. This shows how Tarantino, as an amateur director, made a new spin of the story unresolved, the endless twists of change and development.

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