Three things make director Quentin Taratino a quintessential independent filmmaker (Part 2)

Three things make director Quentin Taratino a quintessential independent filmmaker (Part 2)


Independent films have a variety of formats, however, Tarantino‘s controversial style and movie has always been tied together, his uniqueness of violence through pushing it to the limit with The excitement of “going beyond the heyday” has led to countless ethical debates in showing such gross and horrific scenes. However, that was part of life, keeping him at the top of the game, extending the limit to the extreme, moving away from the barriers so that the new talent could follow in his footsteps – though there was still one. clear view of the limiting point Not only does his style put violence on the pedestal, making it morbidly enjoyable for the viewer to experience shock as well as where he portrayed his arguments. The songs in Reservoir Dogs’ “Stuck in the Middle” before the scene of torture, the admiration for a cold-blooded killer created in Pulp Fiction with its religious and violent climax are at its peak. the blood that viewers are watching, Tarantino makes it “fun,” a lively music, great language, undeniable art for his horrific scenes.

“His name often bounces in the debates about the aesthetics of violence in the mainstream film, dealing with violence such as entertainment, excitement, energy, blending it with comedy, cool cool. ”

The moral question here is in controversy, should he be allowed to create enjoyment in the bloodstream? However, Tarantino perceives how to use his position in the cinema and the scope of freedom to push violence as far as possible. “As an artist, violence is part of my talent. If I start thinking about society, or what one person is doing to others, then I open the cuffs.” “Tarantino said,” the whole first half of the movie {Reservoir Dogs} is being erected and then there are explosions in the middle. After the explosion they will become another movie at a different pace, with different rhythms and tensions. “It was the filmmaking and the great ability of a director to play professionally with the audience, push them, shock them and then take them in a completely different direction – always keep the audience in suspense but always follow the line of argument.

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Discovering the uniqueness of Tarantino it is difficult to summarize the parts involved, because each core part of cinema and art is pristine in its own unique way, from the sprints of the floor to the building. movie to full cut. However, Tarantino’s ability to steer in the direction of tradition and bring viewers the fresh, never seen of the film portrayed from the general story has been shown from time to time. where his natural talents are apparent. Tarantino chose to focus on violent and actionable characters, and sought to recreate genres such as robbery movies, martial arts films and multi-layered characters. Tarantino’s unique appearance when he was an amateur director, a film student and filmmaker as an artiste, he wished more than just a director, but also wanted to be seen as a home Great cinema production.

Even naming the film “A Band Apart” in relation to the great film by Jean Luc Godard – “Bande a part”. He wanted to give viewers something clear about his name on it, and as a mark of him adding to the work. The Tarantino effect is rampant throughout the cinema, violence, intricate, controversial, and typical footage – this is his specialty. In “Inglorious Basterds” and “Django Unchained” through the upcoming “The Hateful Eight“, you can see he is rewriting the history of his filmmaking, but in doing so, he is progressing too. to create a new art future. This original film was perfect and powerful – pushing the characters into situations never before seen. The success of Pulp Fiction was due to its uniqueness and uniqueness was completely summed up by Peter Biskind who said –

“The reason Pulp Fiction broke the way it did was because you have a guy doing a non-narrative, no beginning, middle or end, a movie with a Godard correlation, break all the rules … “

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