The superhero series will appear in the Justice League movie

The superhero series will appear in the Justice League movie

1. Flash:

Barry Allen has an impressive dialogue with Batman in the trailer, opening up a lot of humorous scenes with this character. Choosing actor Ezra Miller for the role of The Flash in the watch Justice League is quite controversial. Grant Gustin had a great performance in this role in the television version of The Flash and fans felt that there was no need to find new people. However DC decided to replace it to keep DC’s film and television universe separate.

2. SteppenWolf:

This will be the main antagonist of the movie, the leader of the Paradox minions team dealing with the alliance of justice, which appeared in Batman’s nightmare in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Steppenwolf (played by Irish Ciaran Hinds) is a member of the New Gods race and is affiliated with the Darkseid. His purpose is to find the Mother Box.

3. Martha Kent:

Superman’s mother (Clark Kent) has played an important role in Man of Steel, but faded in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The character will return once again despite the relatively short appearance, in relation to Superman’s resurrection. Martha Kent as well as Clark Kent and Lois Lane are all absent from all the Justice League trailers to ensure Superman’s comeback is more surprising and interesting.

4. Lois Lane:

Beautiful female journalist, Superman girlfriend Amy Adams show also will re-appear in the Justice League with a new role. Lois Lane will be built independently of Superman. She is still a journalist at the Daily Planet but will help Batman and Wonder Woman in building the Justice League.

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5. Alfred Pennyworth:

This is the guy behind helping Batman in gathering justice alliance and Alfred will play a vital role in the union between superheroes. This version of the DC universe, Alfred looked much younger than the usual audience image. Actor Jeremy Irons has also confirmed he will star in his own movie Batman in 2018.

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