Ferdinand Adventure Sign: Super cute cartoon for the whole family at the end of the year

Ferdinand Adventure Sign: Super cute cartoon for the whole family at the end of the year

Ferdinand is the most celebrated animated feature of the year, not only to “chop the hearts” of young audiences by being adorable, funny, but also conquering older audiences with a rich and meaningful story. The adventures of a muscular, cobbled, fragile thief with a heady team of mercenaries, bringing a series of laughs to tears, deserve the best animated blockbuster in 2017. .

Ferdinand is a bright face for the Oscars

Ferdinand is the story of a cow crawling inside a tiny world. Despite being shy, gentle, the cow is still considered a dangerous creature in the eyes of everyone due to oversized appearance. Ferdinand was separated from his family and taken to a training camp for bullies. Here, the poor cow meets his friends. The “circumstances” include a goat monster, a trio of super-hedgehogs and childhood cowboys. And then the maddest adventure begins. Ferdinand and his gang traveled through the cities and countryside of Spain, finding their way back to their real home. See more:

The faces with Ferdinand stirred the path On the muddy road of the cow can not lack the footprint of the gangs. Ferdinand has a cast of characters “each one in one, ten in ten.” You will have to laugh with her old goat Lupe said long, tough but not bad, always embankment of the cow as a military mast. Also, this team of special circumstances is the devil of the three brothers of the porcupine spiny, mischievous and very pathetic. The guy “head left grapes but the big pole” this extremely playable, like to dance to music and lightning action. In addition, Ferdinand’s little bulls also play no less, companion on every situation of birth. The bull has a muscular but fragile head Through an interesting and easy-going story, Ferdinand conveyed many messages. Do not look face to catch the picture. Ferdinand’s bull is a typical example of never to judge someone by their looks. At first glance, people think Ferdinand is aggressive, while other animals think that Ferdinand is eating meat. But who knows, Ferdinand is gentle, shy, likes to sniff flowers, admire plants, love peace and does not dare to harm anyone, not even step on a flower. Forcing Ferdinand to play in full contrast to our own personality. The work brings a lot of laughter but also takes away the emotions of the audience Ferdinand also shines family affection and friendship. Despite the conflicts, friends will never leave each other in trouble. Ferdinand and his friends have been together for many thousands of pounds hanging hair. Despite all the hardships and dangers, Ferdinand must return to his loved ones at all costs. The journey to where ever nanny but worthy of being around the family is the happiest thing. Regardless of how ugly the appearance, everyone needs to love and be loved. Old Lupe goat no matter how teeth whistle, but also want to be pampered like other pets.

With the entertainment, love and depth of the story, Ferdinand is a warm and emotional movie for the whole family at the end of the year.

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