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Film Review Fantastic Beasts – Funny, curious, as attractive as Harry Potter

If you’ve ever been so ecstatic that the wizarding world of Harry Potter has brought in the movies before, surely Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will bring you more interesting and different emotions. a lot of.

At the time when the movie project Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was publicized, fans of Harry Potter around the world had a certain disbelief and worried that this would be just one title. film “eat by” can not overcome the shadow that too large that Harry Potter has left in the audience. However, it is true that Watch Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Free Online has brought a relatively new experience for viewers and is sure that this experience is somewhat more interesting and different than Harry Potter quite a lot.

Before we begin to analyze the uniqueness of this film, please shorten the name of the movie to Fantastic Beasts as the title of the article to help the long line. And as you can see, the lengthy name of the film, similar to the textbook that Harry Potter has learned, has somewhat expressed the character of the characters in this movie.

In the movie, the audience will follow the wizard Newt Scamander (played by Eddie Redmayne) to New York City. Here, a series of strange events took place, threatening the peace of the city residents with the secrets of the wizarding world and Newt with the mysterious creatures that he carried in his suitcase. I’m being blamed for the trouble. Accompanied by his former companion, the goddess Porpentina Goldstein and the muggle man Jacob Kowalski, Newt will have to find a way to vindicate the rare creatures he carries.

If Harry Potter had impressed the audience by creating a world of surprises, there are always things that make the audience surprised and excited like the strange mantra, the pot of poison Smoke or mysterious creatures with unique characteristics, in Fantastic Beasts, you can also find this strange, wonderful feeling, only that they focus on the creature more than about. mantra only

Newt’s journey is quite rushed with relatively fast, rampaging circumstances that drive viewers away from surprise to surprise. You will have to laugh when you see the cute animals, mischief of the guy who bugs everywhere or admire the area of ​​animal farming is extremely wonderful Newt. The more interesting thing is that when you suddenly realize that this guy owns the rare animals that if sold on the black market, they are almost worth a fortune.

Although it brings a lot of surprises, but should also objectively comment that the episodes are embedded in the film is not closely linked so sometimes the audience will be able to see that the film is quite rampant , lengthy.

Young Newt’s witch is well represented under Eddie Redmayne. We are going to see a handsome but relatively eccentric sorceress, differently and seemingly Eddie Redmayne is well suited to this kind of eccentric character, his relatively good performance in Danish Girl is the most obvious example.

Along with Newt in the journey are the goddess Bright Goldstein and muggle guy Kowalski acts as a fool, joking to create humorous situations. For actor Dan Fogler’s Kowalski, there is no need to argue when he has brought a lot of laughs out of tears for viewers. Unfortunately, Katherine Waterston’s glow-in-the-dark goddess Goldstein is quite faint, leaving no impression on viewers.

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The rest of the characters are not as good either because of the relatively small amount of appearances and the characters are not very connected. It’s hard to blame because the title is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them so audiences must learn and follow more mysterious creatures than follow the sorcerers.

One interesting thing that I wanted to reveal about the cast was the appearance of Johnny Depp as the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald. Personally, I find that the way that Grindelwald appears in the film is quite compelling, but the character’s appearance is cool and consistent with Johnny Depp. This veteran actor is not talked much so maybe we have to wait until later to know if he really fit into this great dark wizard role.

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