[Review] Call Me By Your Name – The beautiful round

[Review] Call Me By Your Name – The beautiful round

There is a “legend” like this: No matter how disgusting this year, the last movie you watched in the year should be a good, bright and emotional movie to start a new year. so fun. If you have a good choice in the beginning, if you have not, please check out this review, maybe tonight, we will have the heart of welding?

The first day of the storm. The cold wind, cold air, warm wrappings, tea and sunk in the golden and warm summer of “somewhere, Italy in 1983”. In that summer, Elio’s music prodigy met with Oliver – a 24-year-old student with the perfect figure of David statue coming to life with the mind of a writer, The heart is full of energy and energy is always filled to make people are passionate watching.

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Only 6 weeks together, but the flow of emotions in those 6 weeks is packed with two boys forever.

What I like about this film is the harmony in the universe, the roundness of the senses such as taste, smell, touch, see, listen to feel the burning summer on the skin and the The beauty of living in a space full of art.

Watch Call Me By Your Name online free is located in the bright colors of the summer, such as yellow, red, green, sky – in which two green, especially green appears to have to 70-80% number of frames. This according to himself is to highlight the characteristic yellow color of the summer sun, the yellow hissing overflowing from the bare egg that Oliver eat and keep the compliment plate is “excellent” or aromatic water jar cool.

And the sound of the movie is beautiful no less. It is a touch of melody when Elio’s house uses the sexiest languages ​​in the world: Italian, French interspersed with English in daily communication; or Elio’s daddy’s dream of explaining the word “apricot” which comes from Arabic, Italian, Greek and concludes it close to “precious”. As a music prodigy, Elio uses his guitar skills, piano to transform Bach’s melodious music into an enchanted new melody.

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Call Me By Your Name is a blessed piece of OST made by musician Sufjan Stevens. The two mainstream songs are composed of “Visions of Gideon” and “Mystery of Love” combined harmoniously with the old symphony and pop, which suited the atmosphere of the 80’s and 90’s. The music of Sufjan Stevens numb to the point where he imagined himself to be lazy reading alongside Elio, or drop feet to fleshy skin in the secret place that Elio wants to share with Oliver.

Before long, the movie made me fall in love when thinking about summer is Mamma Mia! because of the kind of beautiful actors, vivacious music; fragrant sunshine, sandy sea and roaring with the journey of crazy motherhood of Donna’s mother. By now, there are also Call Me By Your Name.


How to end the love story in two different movies, but certainly are “feel good movie”. Mamma Mia is two big weddings. Call Me is sad. 6 weeks, it’s time to finish.

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And I really like this sentence: “But to feel nothing so as not to feel anything-what a waste!”

Yes, to make yourself feel nothing, do not let yourself feel anything, it’s a waste. The greatest blessing is that we are young, and the child suddenly has more time to mourn after the breakup and calmly to begin again.

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