The photo and sound party in Paddington 2

The photo and sound party in Paddington 2

Paddington 2 has received a lot of attention from the audience as it has the highest positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The new film continues to impress the three major nominees at the so-called “British Academy”. 100% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, 8.1 points from IMDb and 3 important BAFTA nominations are quality insights. But if you ignore these qualitative numbers, what does Paddington 2 have to do to attract audiences?

A funny but humorous script

It can be said that Paddington 2 is filled with graceful humor scenes that bring laughter. Fun situations that come naturally, can be created by any character in the movie, but no one has to “take on the team.” But the British work Paddington 2 has many humorous elements in the style typical of this country cinema. Meaning that the laughter can be full of crispy but not long after that the audience will calm down to think. In addition to the deep pieces of humor, Paddington 2 also offers many humanities lessons on the altruism, the value of humanity, the spirit of optimism through the impact of a little bear in the middle of the world. the human race. Why Paddington Bear innocently choose a kind and polite way of life in a world where people often forget to live together? This question will be answered through interesting situations in your adventure. See more:

Great party of pictures and live sound

One of the highlights of this film is that the film crew brought to the audience a beautiful London but full of nostalgia. From the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral to a small fair are refined. Main colors such as yellow, orange and brown are often used to create warmth and nostalgia. This has made a significant contribution to bringing the atmosphere of comfort and comfort to the audience. The other impressive feature of the Paddington 2 is the sound that goes along with the image towards making the frame fun. The sounds are extremely reasonable in very distracting situations, even if there is a strong escape.

Rare villains are rare in a family movie

The success of delicate works like Paddington 2 certainly does not lack the actor’s acting. Each actor in the film is capable to persuade the audience not to take their eyes off. But perhaps most stridently, Hugh Grant’s critically acclaimed portrayal of Hugh Grant was a hit. As a life-long actor, Dowd was one of the victims of the Phoenix Buchanan act. Hugh Grant, known for his sweet roles, turned out to be an accomplished actor. Anyone who has ever played a male cast member will probably have to laugh a lot because of the funny situations with Hugh Grant himself. The villain is not a waste of talent, because only the level of this actor, the director intentions are made correctly. It was a show of a fierce Buchanan Phoenix wrapped in glossy and glossy looks. Part two of Paddington will tell about the bear’s fun and interesting adventure. But it was no longer an adventure to find a new home but a journey to find a birthday gift to give Lucy respectable. When his aunt Lucy was about to turn 100, Paddington decided to go find a gift for her and he had to work hard to make money. But it was not as easy as he thought, the gift was stolen by a masked man. Paddington 2 features Ben Wishaw, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Hugh Grant, and Julie Walters. The film is directed by Paul King, who has been nominated for five BAFTA titles. While Heyday Films produced the Harry Potter series and the Fantastic Beasts, it was one of the producers behind Paddington 2. With the catchy scenario, the powerful cast and crew behind This is a promising movie for the new year. Paddington 2 is scheduled to open on January 12,  

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