Paddington 2: The story of the nicest bear in the world

Paddington 2: The story of the nicest bear in the world

Warm family and good spirits, “Paddington 2” is a modern fairy tales are told by the most polite bear in the world. New year has passed less than a week but the screen has seen one of the best films of the year. The story of Paddington four years ago has delighted audiences now returning to Paddington 2, even more adorable and moving than the previous film. See more:

Since moving to London with the Brown family, Paddington still remembers Aunt Lucy who saved his life and adopted him as a child. This year she is already 100 years old, and Paddington wants to give her a gift for her birthday. He decided to save money to buy a quick book describing the city, hoping to partly satisfy the wishes of Lucy’s aunt’s visit to London. Unfortunately, the book was stolen by a bad guy. Poor Paddington had to find a thief to clear his case and take back Lucy’s book. Based on the Bond series of Paddington by Michael Bond, Paddington 2 with Paddington’s centerpiece continues to be voiced by Ben Whishaw. Instead of trying to correct the voice for a cute look, Whishaw’s accented English voice gave the impression of a solid bear. Unfortunately, this was not noticeable when switching to the voice-over version.

Family and kindness

Despite the Christmas movie, Paddington 2 still looks to the family as a guide for the entire work. Audiences saw how the little bear fused with the Brown members, as well as his presence warmed the neighborhood. Even Paddington’s accident also changed the Brown family, making them united and using the talent they had to bring the members back. There was a conspicuous consistency in both parts, glinting in Paddington’s eyes. “If you are kind and polite, the world will be better.” Only with this teaching, Paddington dared to overcome all the difficulties to find justice and truth, even when he was alone, his family was where Paddington had come.

Great Britain and a charismatic Hugh Grant

Paddington 2 remains intact as a British film, with a vibrant London street scene, friendly neighborhood people, the architecture of The Shard skyscraper and the Victorian steam fair. It covers all of the classic culture from the characters’ outfits (Mary Brown, Phoenix Buchanan …) to the details of the pantomime drama or the bittersweet influence of Ealing Studios. Compared to the first, Nicole Kidman is worse than the opposite of this section is Hugh Grant many. But the attraction of the British actor is in the act of transformation (Grant’s Phoenix Buchanan character is a madman) and gestures to the model. It is learned that the villain has a wealth of motives to salvage his diminutive career, and a hugely committed Hugh Grant has entered the character. Paddington 2: Câu chuyện về chú gấu tử tế nhất thế gian - Ảnh 4. Paddington 2’s bright color palette reminds the audience of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, while the final scene is cut into The Shaped of Water. The warmth in the color of the film has contributed to the sweet message that the author wants to send. If you ignore some of the lack of logic in the film, the script was penned by the directors Paul King and Simon Farnaby have been great offset from the touching moments to “fall heart.” Trailer of “Paddington 2” (Source: YouTube) We understand that, just kind and polite, the world is not always better, but Paddington 2 encourages us to believe in it. It is also a reference to the message of immigrants and cultural harmony. The film premiered on January 12, 2018.

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