What happened to Janet van Dyne at the end of the Anatomy and the Warrior?

What happened to Janet van Dyne at the end of the Anatomy and the Warrior?

The latest MCU movie, Ant-Man And The Wasp, is still open in theaters. And while many have seen this losmovie and rated it very positively, others are eagerly anticipating the details suggested for the Avengers 4 in the movie. In particular, the arrival of former war hero Janet van Dyne and her magical powers is also a fascinating question mark to many fans.

According to the film’s plot, in the quest to find his beloved wife who had been born with former Hank Pym, he and his daughter, Hope van Dyne, along with fellow Scottish soldier Scott Lang Ghost of the “villain” Ghost – a female killer who worked for SHIELD has the ability to hide and “floating” between the current. Due to an accident in the past that both her father and mother died, the molecules on the body of Ghost become unstable and often uncontrollable “separation”. This special ability was not an extraordinary gift that only made her life miserable. The climax is when she is forced to attack the Pym family to find a way to save lives for themselves.

Although to the end, Ghost’s plan failed. However, the return of Janet van Dyne turned out to save her. Three decades of survival in the Quantum World have transformed her into another human being. Janet seems to be able to interact with molecules from his fingertips.

Although there is no assertion about her ability. However, it seems to be related to the time she spent in the Quantum World. In the after-credit part of the film, before the “snap” incident, Hope van Dyne mentions a “healing” particle that exists only in the Quantum World. This is a kind of bead that can cure Ghost’s condition. And Janet van Dyne somehow absorbed this grain.

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By the way, Janet van Dyne, along with her husband and daughter, was not as lucky as the foolish Anteater. However, somehow, Scott Lang will jump into the “spin of time” was in the after-credit and help them come back in time to join the next chapter of the war of power. . Hypothesis is still a hypothesis, what is left only the director can decide!

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