“Green Forest Boy 2” will continue to write what was forgotten in the original story

In a recent interview, writer Justin Marks shared some information about the script for “The Jungle Book 2”. Following the success of a series of works based on such animated films as The Green Forest Boy, The Dark Knight, Cinderella and Disney, this is the source of abundant ideas and a huge “gold mine” for film studios. This continues to exploit. See more:

Of the nine new projects that Disney plans to develop, the works will be reworked based on the idea of ​​classic animated films as the closed version. Some of the more prominent names include The Jungle Book 2, Tinker Bell, Dumbo, and Cruella, which are based on the 101 mottled dog. The Jungle Book, released in 2016, was a huge hit with $ 533.5 million in its first two weeks of release and topped the North American box office chart. Not to miss this opportunity, Disney immediately invited director Jon Favreau and scriptwriter Justin Marks to continue to collaborate in The Jungle Book 2. To complete his work, the second part of The Jungle Book will be inspired by the book The Jungle Book and a part of the movie in 1967. In addition, Disney also announced Jungle Book two will be the project In the near future, In a recent press conference, Justin Marks also shared some information about the Jungle Book’s sequel. “In the second movie, the idea will be expanded and there will be a number of episodes related to Disney’s 1967 film. If you look at the work of the painter Bill Peet in the original film, Some of the pictures were taken by Walt Disney and I actually went into that document, to see some of the ideas, let’s just hope it’s a great idea. movie.” He also added that the script is in the writing phase and the ending of this second story will not be the same as its predecessor. Cậu Bé Rừng Xanh 2 sẽ viết tiếp những gì từng bị bỏ quên ở truyện gốc - Ảnh 3. The Jungle Book follows Mowgli, who has been abandoned in the jungle since he was young and raised by wolves. When Mowgli grew up, Bagheera and Baloo had wanted to take him back to the human village, fearing the boy would be eaten by the Shere Khan tiger. Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book first appeared in the 1893 issue and is now classified as a non-binding cultural product. Therefore, Warner Bros.. is also cherishing the Jungle Book project: Origins. The film is expected to be released in 2019.

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