The Grand Budapest Hotel – Purple of Light, War and Friendship (Part 1)

The Grand Budapest Hotel – Purple of Light, War and Friendship

The Grand Budapest Hotel reminds me of the beautiful and splendid beauty of the past, about the time that has passed since I was in my childhood, when childhood was most often accompanied by the most flourishing. of the human soul, where the door is always open to receive the sunshine most brilliant.

The film is driven by the narrative of a writer who once stayed at a hotel when he was young, so the film was re-written as a book, with each chapter with a seamless storyline. The author of the novel (Jude Law) hears the current owner of the hotel – Mr Moustafa (F. Murray Abraham) tells the story of his former employer and respected teacher – M. Gustave (Ralph Fiennes). ).

Watch The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

In the movie, purple has covered the entire length of the hotel’s history: the purple-mythical fantasy of the past – the time of the most prosperous, to the hotel’s delicate pink hues, color Purple, solemnly purple uniforms look at each battle of territory and human peace. Purple, the flag of the flag and the fascist army, contrasting with the delicate rosy pink of the Budapest hotel.

In addition, the film also centers on many famous actors (who have been successful at major movie awards), so I feel this film as a party that the director would like to thank the throne. silver screen That said, it does not mean that this is a bad movie. The first is the film that satisfies the vision of the viewer, especially a series of shades of purple constantly changing flexibility according to the mood of the character and the time between the two World War. Then followed by the main point in the context of the script, the film depicts the rationality in society is heavy class distinction, it is sincere friendship between the master and me, honoring the beauty of the relationship between Two people differ in their age and social status.

Gustave is the legendary manager of Watch The Grand Budapest Hotel, a famous hotel in Europe during the Second World War. He is very strict, likes to use perfume, loves poetry, especially can write poetry anywhere. The Hotel Budapest, through its growing strength, is a place where everyone desires to visit once by magnificent architecture, magnificent services and luxurious amenities. Continuing to meet the rigorous demands of the upper class guests makes the life of M. Gustave always revolve around surprises, he is almost a psycho friend, a place of secrets. from the most horrible to the most beautiful of them. Contrasting with the busy morning life, M.Gustave at night let go of his lonely eating alone in the narrowest and most ugly hotel, he lived simply and truly lonely. This made me associate more with the people who are able to help others to relieve their sadness, but themselves, more than anyone else, themselves are the ones who are always in the sad and suffering, inundation in the water. Long night free man because of his loneliness.

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