The Grand Budapest Hotel (2015) The Color Purple of Light, War and Friendship, Part 2

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2015) The Color Purple of Light, War and Friendship, Part 2

And Zero, the guy in the new lobby area into the hotel, degrees, experience, family, not paper or not. Zero’s life before entering Watch The Grand Budapest Hotel as his name. The only thing Zero has is his enthusiasm for work and passion for learning, more than his loyalty. After experiencing the turmoil in the hotel (first of all, M. Gustave was sentenced to death for murder, then two World Wars), Zero was the only one on the side of M.Gustave and saved him. out of danger. The actions of Zero’s mind are not merely normal work, but also the will and admiration of his master.

Because M.Gustave himself, But when the soldiers demanded to check on Zero’s papers on the train to Madam D., he died to protect him safely, even willing to risk their lives. In the movie, M. Gustave and Zero are on the same train and are checked by the military twice. Upon discovering Zero without any identification, they demanded that he get off immediately, and both of them had fights between the horde and his boss – M .gustave The sequencing of the story in two successive periods confirms the character of M. Gustave, who does not leave his employees at risk, nor does anyone let them have the right to bully. His staff, namely the helper Zero. The events surrounding Zero’s life are mediocre steps to honor M. Gustave’s affection.

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M. Gustave’s actions, in protecting his staff, threatened the collective human security of the hotel more than its external material sketched the image of a good boss; so that the masters always ask for their own interests but left the fate of the subordinate to feel shame. One of the most rewarding lessons of The Grand Budapest Hotel is the lesson of M. Gustave’s leadership and dedication. At the same time, M. Gustave’s life experience and visionary eyes have seen the boy’s loyalty and loyalty to Zero. So he chose him as his companion on his errands, escaping from the detention center, with him to overcome the pathetic chase of the notorious assassin to clear up and claim back. be fair to yourself. That is the talent of M.Gustave in the use of personnel.

There was a touching story at the end of the film, revealing why M. Gustave had died and Zero had to replace him with the manager of the hotel, but to avoid revealing the content of the film I could not say more, just say is: unexpected, extremely unexpected and painful.

The film has a detective element set in the historical context of the two most fierce and tough war of human history. But to reduce the heat and get viewers to focus on the host-amalgamation between the two main characters, director Wes Anderson added a little more comedy in the film.

Alexandre Desplat takes on the role of musical production in this film, using traditional instruments as a comfortable and relaxed viewer, as well as enriching the richness and eternal beauty of the glorious past. Budapest Hotel.

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In addition, as mentioned above, the film brings together many famous actors such as Ralph Fiennes, Murray Abraham Murray, Bill Murray, Adrien Brody, Jude Law, William Dafoe, Saoirse Ronan, Léa Seydoux … so while watching Movies that focus too much on their fame will disrupt the perception of the film’s message, sometimes very warm, because many people only appear for a few seconds, even have a role. not remember the name. (*)

Finally, “The old things that make my heart go crazy” is M. Gustave’s statement that stays in me the most. He is a nostalgic person, always keeping himself in touch with fine perfumes, and at the same time, he is always looking back on the past, looking for the glorious beauty of Budapest in his golden age. Passed with him, saved in the purple of Budapest that he would carry with him throughout his life.

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