Ghost Rider will return in Agents of SHIELD

Ghost Rider will return in Agents of SHIELD

At the Comic-Con 2016 event in San Diego, Ghost Rider has been confirmed by Marvel to be back in Season 4 of the Agents of SHIELD seasion 4 netflix series, extinguishing rumors of his presence earlier. .

Marvel also confirmed that this will be the version of Robbie Reyes character will be played by Grabiel Luna (True Detective, Matador), if a longtime Marvel fan will be able to recognize immediately. This is the version that Ghost Rider will use cars instead of motorcycles as the regular version. First introduced only in 2014, created by Felipe Smith and tradd Moore, in Robbie Reyes is a Mexican American teenager who was given the power of Hellfire in a catastrophic gun battle. Based on the age of actor Gabriel Luna, maybe the film will follow a different direction.

Affect the Marvel Universe

Jeph Loeb on behalf of Marvel TV has said that season 4 will have “the biggest and most ambitious plot ever” and that the appearance of Ghost Rider will “change everything”.

On the official Marvel Twiter, the SHIELD logo along with the fire and the surrounding chains represent the image of Ghost Rider.

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Is it possible to stand up from the past?

Ghost Rider was previously introduced on the big screen by Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider 2007 and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in 2012. Both are Johnny Blaze versions of the character, though. That time was very much awaited but the debut failed both in quality and sales. After being given the rights to exploit Marvel’s character, Sony is expected to return to the Ghost Rider.

Season 4 of Agents of SHIELD will be released on September 20th.

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