Extremely cute characters in Inside out 2015

Extremely cute characters in Inside out 2015

1. Bing Bong – Friends imagine

Created by cotton candy and shaped like a dolphin with elephants, Bing Bong – The Statue of Imagination is a strange thing that exists in Riley’s brain. Riley was very close to this friend and often played with him but the bigger Riley was. Bing Bong becomes a jobless man and walks around to “steal” spheres of memories. Nobody said Bing Bong had the balls to do anything but could guess the guy stole them to look at and relive the fun time with Riley.

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Interesting facts about the character:
Initially, Pixar wanted to create a series of virtual characters, such as Vulture Ngu Chi Chi, The Sun in the Corner (the habit of painting all three children) … They became refugees at the “Hobo Camp” Riley is no longer a small child. But then Pixar decided to compact the characters and turn into a single character is Bing Bong.

Bing Bong is illiterate, which proves Riley was acquainted with him when she was very young. Bing Bong falls into the Forgotten Sands is the story is like when Woody fell into the incinerator in Toy Story 1, only Bing Bong was not as lucky as the cowboy. In a ballistic sense Bing Bong was no longer needed during Riley’s maturation and disappeared, which is similar to Woody’s obsession with other toys in Toy Story 3.

Bing Bong’s tail is very similar to the Cheshire Cat’s tail in Alice in Wonderland.

A more happy ending for Bing Bong has appeared in The Bing Bong Book. The ending of the book is that three Bing Bong guys appear in the book that Riley wrote when she was growing up, they had a happy tea party together. Voice actor Bing Bong, Richard Kind cried when he said the last line: “Take her to the moon for me, okay?”

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2. Forgetters

These M & M candy-shaped guys have the task of collecting memories for so long that they are not repeated and thrown into oblivion.


Interesting facts about the character:
These individuals enjoyed the memory ball containing the song TripleDent Gum. They often play as fun and of course make 5 friends in the Center.

3. Clown Jangles the Clown

While in the memory of Riley’s worst memories, Joy and Sadness met Jangles the Clown. Sleek and seemingly harmless but when waking up Jangles the Clown is a gorgeous clown and five great hammer in hand. Calling him to the Dream Factory is a plan by Joy and Sadness to wake Riley up so that two friends can board the train of thought to return to Brain.


Interesting facts about the character:
Jangles the Clown is invited to Riley’s 3-year-old birthday party. Make up scary and the clown’s fat figure quickly made Riley scared and obsessed until she was 11 years old. In the after-credit reveals that Jangles the Clown is studying for six years but can not find a job, he has to dress up as a clown at parties. He really hates this job.

The emotions in Jangles the Clown’s head were also dressed up as clowns. In Toy Story 3 there is a clown make up, shape and also the name is similar to Jangles the Clown: Chuckles the Clown.

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4. Rainbow Unicorn

As the idol of Joy, Rainbow Unicorn is a star in the Dream Factory.


Interesting facts about the character:
Joy is a fan of Rainbow Unicorn but for Fear this is just a boring redhead. Next to Rainbow Unicorn is the box that appears to be “wig”. Maybe the rainbow midsummer is not real, but just a tool. She is the second unicorn character of Pixar. In Toy Story 3, there is another unicorn, Buttercup.

5. Imaginary Boyfriends – Imaginary Boyfriends

The guy that made Joy and Sadness surprised, they do not think little Riley has the desire for a perfect boyfriend. “This is my dream,” he said, “I’m going to die for Riley!”

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