Efforts to rescue a blockbuster on superhero  Justice League 

Efforts to rescue a blockbuster on superhero  Justice League

In 2017, few Hollywood blockbusters will experience the same challenges and changes as Warner Bros. Justice League. before the movie.

Justice League will debut world audience on 17/11. Follow the story of Batman v Superman, superhero group Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash to save the world in the face of the threat of super-evil Steppenwoff and evil demons Parademon. Watch this movie in here.

This year, no Hollywood blockbuster hit so hard before theaters compared to the work of Warner Bros. According to the Wall Street Journal, in the past 18 months, Justice League suffered a sudden change of direction and creative thinking. The filming crew needed to shoot a lot of scenes.

Sources from Warner Bros. revealed that the cost of producing the Justice League blew up to nearly $ 300 million. So, plus the marketing budget (with a blockbuster of this kind may be up to $ 150 million), Justice League will have to reach $ 1 billion in sales, Warner Bros. and DC could comfortably grip his hand.

The sequel to Batman v Superman in watch32 is in theaters at the time of the Hollywood superhero series is moving significantly. Logan’s commercial success ($ 616 million), Wonder Woman ($ 821 million) and Thor: Ragnarok ($ 439 million, and soaring) show that superhero moviegoers are eager to see interesting works on each character individually.

Justice League is a completely different film than the above. It’s the story of many superheroes gathering to fight evil. In the movie, Batman (Wonder Woman) (Gal Gadot) “recruited” Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Flash (Ezra Miller) joined the Justice League.

Last year, DC superhero films such as Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad achieved good commercial success despite being crushed by critics. Thus, the Justice League is considered the “pillar” that determines the expansion of the DC Super Heroes Universe (DCEU). According to Variety magazine, Warner Bros. will only turn on green lights for other DCEU films like Flashpoint (for Super Heroes Flash) if the Justice League hits.

General Manager Warner Bros. Kevin Tsujihara has stated that DC is a financial backbone of the company in everything from film to television to consumer electronics to video games. And catching up on the big screens of rival Marvel is a top priority.

So the pressure on the Justice League is huge. The WSJ reported last year, fearing that the DCEU films were too dark and violent, Warner Bros. executives said. has asked comic book writer Geoff Johns and production director Jon Berg to oversee the DC series, adding humor and excitement to the works.

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Their first job was to rewrite the Justice League script, originally directed by Zack Snyder and scriptwriter Chris Terrio. That is the team behind Batman v Superman. Tsujihara’s CEO also ordered the Justice League crew to cut the length of the movie to less than 120 minutes. For comparison, Batman v Superman is up to 151 minutes long.

If Justice League wins the trade, 2017 will be a pretty bright year for Warner Bros. In June, Wonder Woman’s success was unexpected, grossing $ 821 million on a $ 149 million production budget. IT horror film costs $ 35 million production has earned $ 671 million.

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