Director “Infinity War” change the avatar, Captain America fans simultaneously “crying out”

Director “Infinity War” change the avatar, Captain America fans simultaneously “crying out”

The “Infinity War” Russo brothers’ Twitter account, as Steve Rogers’s fate in Captain America’s armory, was determined.

The blockbuster hits the public in less than two weeks, when the Twitter account of Anthony Russo and Joe Russo of Avengers: Infinity War (Avengers). : The War on Terror has changed the image as a signal for Chris Evans’ “ruined days” as the upcoming Captain America.

Avatar this time pictured Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier holding Cap’s shield instead of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) with hashtag #Previous Image (#NewProfilePic).

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This led to the “great turmoil” on the internet when fans themselves speculate that this will be the fate of Steve Rogers. Although the rumors that the character will bid farewell to the audience in the two parts of the Infinity War has been “comfort” for the previous audience, but this is probably the implied affirmation from the Russo brothers to know the standard. be mentally ill

The photo has received thousands of comments from the face crying to fear. Some people expressed disappointment because they wanted Sam Wilson / Falcon (played by Anthony Mackie) to take over Captain America’s position, left by Chris Evans, and others were angry that the crew revealed details of the incident. so important.

While some people objected to Bucky Barnes becoming Cap, others did not understand what was happening.

Fan reaction to seeing a new avatar

This photo representative “storm” this overflowing commentary animated crying and screaming

Bucky Barnes is one of the top candidates for the next Captain position after the Infinity War ends

However, while the fans were lining up to mourn for Captain, how could such an important detail be easily surrendered to the Russo brothers? Is this a distraction for the director before he hits the audience with a sudden twist?

After the Civil War on the comic, Steve Rogers dies and Bucky Barnes replaces him for Captain America until the character returns (because no one really died in the comic). In terms of intimacy, Bucky is also a mentally intimate friend born with Steve, more than anyone else he understands privately and sentimental Cap and is the best teamwork on the battle. So it would not be exaggeration if Bucky Barnes was the best man to hold Cap’s shield when Steve lowered it.

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Chris Evans is almost certain to leave the role of Steve Rogers after two parts of the Infinity War, but no one knows what the filmmakers are plotting to do. After all, it’s just a picture and everything is predictable before the film is shown. Avengers: Infinity War will be released in Vietnam from April 25,

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