Director Avengers: Infinity War confirmed the fate of Gamora, causing fans to shed tears

Director Avengers: Infinity War confirmed the fate of Gamora, causing fans to shed tears

After watching the Avengers: Infinity War, there is no doubt about whether Gamora is dead or not. If not, where is Thanos’ adopted daughter now?

You know, all 26 characters have died in the Avengers Infinity War. Some of them died in battle, but most of them were snatched away by half the galaxy from the evil Thanos when he collected 6 Infinity Rock and completed the Infinity Gloves. Although prepared to witness the sacrifice, but unexpectedly the super heroes are expected to kill the highest survived, the newly emerged super heroes are dissolved into ashes.

And do you see how half of the galaxy’s population is erased and disappears in nothingness? Therefore, many have suggested that the victims of the snatch of death in the real world, but their souls are sent to the space inside the Soul stone.

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Try to remember how Thanos got the Soul Stone. The stone first appeared in the planet Vormir, only Gamora knows the way to it. After threatening Gamora to lead her there, Thanos is told by the Red Head that he is forced to exchange the one he loves the most to get the Soul Stone. Although heartbreaking, but Thanos because of his body, he swallowed his daughter’s daughter Gamora deep into the depths. And then he got what he wanted, the Soul Stone.

Thanos khi gặp lại Gamora

No matter how much Gamora appears and disappears, the Marvel Sutido is not the preferred form of life as a snail. Do not let your fans live in the low, tired of worrying about Gamora’s fate and half of the galaxy’s population wiped out much longer, recently director Joe Russo has voiced an unspoken message. was important after a screening at a movie event in Iowa. It turns out Gamora is not dead yet.

Thật may, cô nàng cá tính này vẫn đang hiện hữu nơi nào đó

The director of the Infinity War explained that the meeting of the father and son takes place within the Soul Stone, the orange-like space that the stone demonstrates. After flicking a half-galaxy, the unmatched strength of the stones makes the gloves burn and the soul of Thanos has the opportunity to enter the Soul Stone, where he meets Gamora again. Pay attention to the scene Thanos met Gamora young at the end of the film you will have answers for yourself.

Chỉ còn biết trách định mệnh vì khi bé đã trao gửi bàn tay nhầm người

Russo did not forget to reveal that Gamora was still alive inside the stone and that Thanos was not the only villain to lose his humanity. In order to collect enough stones, Thanos suffered much pain, moments with his adopted daughter in Vormir showed that. So the director arranged for the father and son reunion in the end.

The share of the actress has set big hopes for the Marvel fans, the big possibility is that Gamora will have the opportunity to return to the Avengers 4 or Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. More importantly, the assumption that half of the souls of galactic dwarves are trapped in the Soul Stone has been implicitly acknowledged!

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