The depiction of “Black Panther” confirmed that the version of “Mowgli” he directed will not be for children.

The depiction of “Black Panther” confirmed that the version of “Mowgli” he directed will not be for children.

In a recent interview, 53-year-old actor Andy Serkis revealed that his character Baloo in Mowgli would be extremely dark and violent in Mowgli. Those who are familiar with Disney’s cute and lovable bear image will be amazed. He also added that the script loves to play villains, like Snoke in the new Star Wars series or Ulysses Klaue in the Black Panther (2018).

Andy Serkis’s version is darker and more original

Andy Serkis will play the Baloo bear with motion-simulation technology and directed this work. The actor revealed that Mowgli would not have any songs or cute things like the Disney version. Instead, the film will bring dark colors to the original Rudyard Kipling. The work will be labeled PG-13 because it contains many pictures of blood.

The 1967 animated version would have been closer to the original, but Walt Disney wanted the film to be more appropriate for children. The Jungle Book (2016) by Jon Favreau is exactly the same as the animated version. Disney is still safe to apply this formula “pick money” for Beauty and the Beast last year. However, Andy Serkis thinks differently and wants to find his own way. He follows Kipling’s pen and even pushes it deeper into the “darkness.”

“Cậu Bé Rừng Xanh” của Andy Serkis sẽ đen tối hơn hẳn phiên bản Disney - Ảnh 2.
The film has a pretty cast

Meanwhile, many people think that Mowgli will only be a remake of The Jungle Book again. But labeling PG-13 will make his debut as director Andy Serkis quite independent and promising.

In addition, the cast of the film is quite epic with the name “super heroes” as Benedict Cumberbatch, Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale … Do not know what Disney and author Rudyard Kipling will think about this version?

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The Jungle Book is a collection of Rudyard Kipling’s novels about the little boy Mowgli lost in the jungle. He befriends the Bagheera, Baloo and the evil Shere Khan. The work has been repeatedly adapted to wide screen. In particular, the most famous is the 1967 animated film and the 2016 version of Disney’s all.

The movie is expected to be released by Warner Bros. Studios on October 19, 2018.

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