“Deadpool 2” is even darker than DC if one knows the cut scene!

“Deadpool 2” is even darker than DC if one knows the cut scene!

It’s not only hard to watch but it can also promote self-harm, so it’s fortunate that Deadpool 2‘s filmmaker chose not to film it for the whole village. see you!

Deadpool 2 is not only more humorous but also darker in some ways, as he follows in the footsteps of Pool to find the purpose of life after the death of his girlfriend Vanessa. Some jokes are even too dark even with a thick guy like Deadpool, who sometimes becomes so overdone that they have to cut. Now dare to say DC is dark anymore?

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During the talk with Reddit, Deadpool 2’s screenwriter Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were asked if there was a cut scene in the movie. Of course, there is no film detail, but it is noteworthy that the two scripts have emphasized that there is a dark detail, even the misfit heads in the film crew. dare to bump into the screen.

In particular, after Vanessa had been hit by bullets and died, Deadpool had not only committed suicide, but also tried to do it over and over again, in many scary ways:

“One of the details we wanted to see (and it really was filming!) Was that Deadpool attempted suicide in a more violent way, including drinking Drano skin erosion), jumping into cages and polar bears, etc. ”

While the on-screen audience does not have this “good fortune”, DVD and Blu-ray buyers will witness Deadpool’s suicide attempts. These are scenes that are not easy to see, especially when we know that this anti-hero has the power to heal himself and that he is almost dead. In addition, letting the audience see these suicidal attempts can be misunderstood as promoting self-harm, something that certainly no filmmaker wants.

It was just one of many scenes cut before going to the screen. Shortly before, Deadpool’s two writers shared one of the after-credit lines of the film, forcing Deadpool back in time to kill Hitler at a young age. Of course, it is still a crime to kill children that will change the way people view the characters, so thankfully they cut it off. Deadpool had the perfect after-credit universe and a whole bunch of jokingly coughing or coughing, so there’s nothing to keep away. The movie is currently being shown nationwide.

After Deadpool 2, the sequel to X-Men: Dark Phoenix was released on February 14, 1919, Gambit on June 7, 1919, and The New Mutants on August 2, 2019.

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