Coco: The song is sweet, deep and emotional

Coco: The song is sweet, deep and emotional

Harnessing the theme of a familiar dream in the Disney animated film, Pixar, Coco does not make the audience boring but rather full of excitement and emotion by a bold family story. Identity, honoring old values ​​helps create love among people.

The beauty of the story and the characters are full of depth

Around the story of little Miguel, a young Mexican boy growing up with family prohibitions when trying to pursue a singing career. Miguel’s grandfather was a musician, but he was hated by both the family and his descendants for leaving home to follow the call of art. Thus, his image was also removed from the family’s dedication room, an area of ​​worship that the Mexicans used to commemorate the deceased. Everything would not change if one day, Miguel did not find out that his grandfather, who was both racially deserted, is the famous artist Ernesto de la Cruz that he constantly threshold tomb. Prompted by the pride of a great granddaughter of a talented, Miguel determined to find a way to participate in a talent contest. Remembering the familiar motto of Ernesto de la Cruz: “Grasping the moment,” he decided to climb into the museum, “borrowing” the guitar that Ernesto de la Cruz played, and then put on An endless adventure on the realm of the dead. From there, Coco opens the audience to a passionate and heartbreaking story, about Miguel’s family. With the familiar pattern of many other Hollywood productions, Coco first appeared to be a rather simple film, a “post-production” script with a bit of Latin American cultural color. View, easy to read but difficult to leave deep impression. However, from about a third of the film backwards, Coco’s director and screenwriter was very skillful and talented in bringing the whole story to a different rhythm: more intense, brighter, macro but no less rustic and simple. “The World of the Dead,” a land of horror with souls drawn from skeletons, suddenly becomes the place for Miguel to pursue his dream and find out the truth of his life. The world is embellished by the ingenious creativity of the Pixar artists, beautiful, overwhelming, sophisticated, elegant but also very spiritual. The golden petals scattered all the way, the colorful beasts fly colorful, the love songs resounded here … all together a melody to accompany the boy Miguel told a story full of excitement cool Miguel is a classic character in the style of Disney and Pixar, but is also rebellious in his own way. Miguel mischievous, destructive but also very emotional and carefree. Miguel does not simply nurture artistic enthusiasm with his own heart, but he is also a good friend, a natural artist, and more than ever a soul of fire. The whole family, although sometimes his footsteps deviate from tradition a little. As for the other characters, making up for an intriguing Ernesto de la Cruz character and story, Coco has a particularly interesting side character, such as Imelda, the steel lady, Miguel’s nephew, or like Hector, a wandering artist in the dead with a heart always on the human side. And most of all, it was Coco, the great-grandson of Miguel, a character who did not have a lot of old-fashioned activities, just in a wheelchair, but from the way he modeled to the story, and Coco’s actions at the end of the movie can make the audience shudder and cry. It can be said that it’s been a long time before people see an older character, or say it’s so old, so impressive in animated films.

Sweet message

Coco, of course, has an impressive, indigenous, but very popular music that will bring audiences around the world. Remember Me, the main song and the main theme song of the movie, is a tremendously catchy, wonderful work with so many hidden layers inside. At the stage of the most visible and visible, Remember Me is the message of an artist left to posterity, “Remember me,” and cherish the marvelous moments that music brings. On the deeper level, Remember Me represents the human value that a man wants to leave behind for his posterity, which is the representation of family affection, the bondage of love Daddy is more loving, sweet than the first sense. And the ultimate meaning, that is, is the call to keep the image, and the stories, of our ancestors cherished, to nourish it forever in the world. of the dead, they will not suffer the disappearance because no one remembers on earth.

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