Can Iron Man and Thor survive in “Avengers: Infinity War”!

Can Iron Man and Thor survive in “Avengers: Infinity War”!

1. Iron Man

So far, Iron Man and Captain America have had successors in their careers: while Steve Rogers has Bucky, the Captain will (probably) have Shuri. Marvel’s sister, the most intelligent of the Marvel universe, is likely to become a new Iron Man warrior named Iron Heart, and the Robert Downey Jr. idea. Making sacrifices and becoming a new AI to support Shuri will be great – just to help Iron Man have a standard superhero death sacrifices to protect people, help the billionaire play Tony Stark live forever. Just imagine the Iron Heart’s new trilogy, with a naughty, mischievous girl with a muddy AI that has been repaired continuously.

You may wonder why the door of Iron Man is higher than Captain America. Throughout the film Avengers: Infinity War 2018 , Tony Stark has experienced enough emotional feelings with Pepper – the one he loves, while Captain America is the only piece of love that deserves his old grandson after the funeral of … the old mistress. The life of Steve Rogers’s overpayment led to MCU owing him a happy ending, and Captain America, who had spoken to Falcon about retirement, deserves a long retirement. When the battle with Thanos ends. A soldier deserves to retire after the end of war, what is wrong?

You can say that Iron Man is also engaged to Pepper, that Iron Man deserves a ‘safe’ seal. But do you think that with the strong personality of the high stakes of Tony Stark, the end “peace, happiness, war wives he married” is reasonable? Of course not. Iron Man will sacrifice as ardently as possible, so that his good friend Captain Rogers can live peacefully!

2. And … Thor

War is about sacrifice, and sacrifice from each side seems to be necessary to portray the severity of the battle, so Asgard is not immune from casualties.

Speaking of Asgard, we all know that this nation will be traumatized after being overthrown at Thanos. The two main characters of Asgard will have to take one, and who will it be? Loki or Thor? Who will stop their journey after the Infinity War?

The answer is both. Thor and Loki’s journey has been built long enough and beautiful enough to finish (with Ragnarok). With the opening of the “small universe” of Wakanda, the size of the Marvel Universe is becoming quite large, and with Asgard and the rest of the Nine Lords gathering together, Asgard can … withdraw from the game and come to a Peaceful place, far away.

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So, why is Thor leaving?

The fact that a king can do his best is to protect the people. Thor and Loki, who is able to protect the rest of Asgard, who can directly fight Thanos is clear (although Loki can hide and then pierce Thanos a) . Thor will be the main force in the battle with Thanos, and his sacrifice will be a beautiful ending to … Loki – who has now realized the Asgardian truth – legitimizes to become king in accordance with his will.

Of course, Loki was able to strike a spell to save Thor’s life, and then Thor ended the battle and brought the Asgard inhabitants to a faraway land without the tall potatoes of more than two meters. But, not as a result contrary to ordinary thinking – Thor as king, Loki lost to the enemy – will be much more interesting, right?

The above is of course only speculation, and even though the Avengers: Infinity War casts no one to read the standard scripts, the plot details above will of course have flaws. The answer will only be solved on April 25th, when the battle between the greatest superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Thanos and Black Order on the big screen.

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