Batman v Superman and Civil war have very similar details

Batman v Superman and Civil war have very similar details

1. The villains are too different from the comics

Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman is far from original and was introduced as Lex Luthor Jr. This character speaks a lot, eccentric and until the end of the new shaved head. There are also Doomsday with shaping received many comments opposite the trailer because quite like … Ninja Turtles. Fortunately, when filming, this monster has been CGI again and looks more rough, thorny.

Marvel is no stranger to the powerful “adaptation” of comic characters. For example, Mandarin in Iron Man 3 turns out to be just a dummy actor. This caused the fans to be so angry that they had to release a short film to suggest that there were still Mandarin. Then there is the character Kilgrave (Purple Man) in the Jessica Jones series also has no purple face as in the comic. And then the first image of Baron Zemon shows a guy … civil servant, far from the original version. However, this may change when filming.

2. Hints for bigger threats

Marvel and DC fans are sure to know about Thanos and Darkseid, the villains who will appear in the Avengers: Infinity War and Justice League. In Batman v Superman, a series of footage suggests Darkseid’s invasion of Batman’s dream or the rise of Lex Luthor at the end.

Meanwhile, Thanos first appeared in Marvel at the end of The Avengers (2012). He is the one behind everything and conspires to take over all the Infinity Stone. Thanos’s presence is increasingly evident through Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron. The upcoming Civil War movie is sure to suggest this evil, especially when Vision is carrying an Infinity Stone on his forehead.

3. Transformations

The original idea of ​​Batman v Superman came from the comic book The Dark Knight Returns. In fact, Zack Snyder used many of the classic lines and images of the series, but besides the battle between Batman and Superman, he added ideas to works such as The Death of Superman or Injustice. In addition, Warner Bros. Also plugged in to build DC’s movie universe, and in The Dark Knight Returns, the characters were in their late teens.

Captain America: Civil War will also be a modified version of the Civil War. Although the platform is still based on the conflicts of Captain America and Iron Man revolve around control issues, the details are very different from the comics. There will be no reality show, the clone version of Thor, the appearance of the Punisher, or the classic scene when Spider-Man removes the mask. The idea of ​​Prison 42 will be filmed, but also changed to fit the style of the Marvel movie universe. And of course, because of the copyright and funding issues, the Civil War movie will have a far smaller number of heroes than the series.

4. One of the heroes will die?

Superman’s death in Batman v Superman can be predicted by many DC fans through the appearance of Doomsday, a comic book character created to kill Superman. Superman’s temporary absence (before the return) will also be an important episode in the forthcoming Justice League. Meanwhile, Batman and Wonder Woman will be looking for other superheroes to form the team.

In the Civil War comics, Steve Rogers himself surrendered and was assassinated in The Death of Captain America. After that, Bucky wears his outfit and becomes the new Captain America. The same idea is repeatedly mentioned in the movie universe, but it seems Marvel is not ready to do so.

In the trailer, there is a scene suggesting the sacrifice of War Machine, Iron Man’s close friend. With Age of Ultron, Marvel proved that they really dare to kill their superheroes, shown through the death of Quicksilver. Does the same thing happen to Captain America: Civil War? The exact answer will be only after the film’s release.

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