Amazon invests more than $ 1 billion in ‘Lord of the Rings’

With just over $ 1 billion for the “God of Rings” superhero blockbuster, Amazon rose to the price list?

The new price tag for the Amazon Prime television service has prompted many users to indulge in the $ 1 billion estimated cost of the “Lord of the Rings” series. The film project is expected to have five seasons and is personally signed by CEO Jeff Bezos of the company.

Vừa chịu chi hơn 1 tỉ đô cho siêu bom tấn truyền hình Chúa Nhẫn, Amazon tăng ngay bảng giá? - Ảnh 3.
Someone will have to pay for a bill of $ 1 billion from the television series Lord of the Rings that Amazon has outlined. Just like that, it’s not the CEO Jeff Bezos. With the increase in the price of the service package to 20%, Amazon and Jeff Bezos himself was “stoned” by the user until he realized that the cost of the drama of Lord of the Rings was the reason the service increased rates.

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Specifically, Amazon Prime’s one-year use will increase from $ 99 to $ 119, which will be applied from May 11. By 2014, the price of this package is only $ 79. Amazon’s monthly subscription package in January also increased from $ 10.99 to $ 12.99. In addition to the old programs, the increase in price has hardly integrated any incentives for users, which has led some users to express dissatisfaction, arguing that the reason behind the price increase is the billion dollar plan. In the upcoming Amazon series, “Amazon Prime raises the price to $ 119 a year, so it looks like someone has to pay for the posthumous Lord of the Rings.”

Vừa chịu chi hơn 1 tỉ đô cho siêu bom tấn truyền hình Chúa Nhẫn, Amazon tăng ngay bảng giá? - Ảnh 1.

“Amazon is both awesome and scary in this dominance. If the company continues to increase the value of the product, how many people will pay each other money?”

Jeff Bezos, the 54-year-old founder of Amazon, holds $ 121 billion worth of assets and is the richest man in the world. Many joke that if there was a lump of money on the ground, the pile would have to be about $ 80,000 and he would have picked it up. Jeff Bezos was the one who signed the decision through Amazon’s ambitious The Lord of the Rings project. In the $ 1 billion proposed by the plan, $ 500 million was spent on production, $ 250 million on license, and $ 250 million on marketing.

Vừa chịu chi hơn 1 tỉ đô cho siêu bom tấn truyền hình Chúa Nhẫn, Amazon tăng ngay bảng giá? - Ảnh 2.

In the context of the ever-increasing cost of communications, Netflix has announced that it will invest $ 8 billion in online content, making it more difficult for Amazon to compete for licensing rights. TV and film.

Compared to competitors like Netflix or Hulu, Amazon is still inferior to the resonance of the film. Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle series, for example, has an investment of $ 72 million, but has a total of 8 million views in early 2017, and since then this service has not added. Any name that resonates similar.

Created by Jeff Bezos in 1995, Amazon is an ecommerce site that acts as an online marketplace that helps people buy almost anything that is “gold free” as long as they have an internet connection. Amazon Prime is a service package that allows users to upgrade to a VIP account with offers such as free delivery within two days, free movies … With the price increase package without any additional There are special incentives, if it is true, to support the cost of the Lord of the Rings series, Amazon has turned it into a real gamble in the face of a large number of loyal customers.

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