After the expensive lessons from Marvel, DC will learn what lessons?

After the expensive lessons from Marvel, DC will learn what lessons?

Although it has been released for two weeks, the Avengers: Infinity War fever has not shown signs of cooling. Despite receiving countless compliments and reactions, it is undeniable that the MCU has taken the right steps and succeeded in building such a brilliant movie empire. Although the Marvel fans were filled with excitement and heated discussion, DC fans everywhere were pensive towards DCEU.

In 2017, the wondrous Wonder Woman will mark a breakthrough, the DCEU’s breakthrough promise (DC Extended Universe), the Justice League after all the rampant PR to become a laughing stock at the theater, bringing a The disappointment is not mild to the fan community.

The Warner Bros. The netizens jokingly called “golden scissors” also have their causes. In fact, when Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice released, it is unclear for what reason the movie was also “cropped” quite a lot, making the audience not out of bumps and discomfort. The confrontation between Batman and Krypton’s child is one of the most anticipated battles on the screen. But Warner Bros. has reduced the length of the film to a mercilessly, then later to release a fuller, to increase disk sales.

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Similar to the Justice League, when almost all of the movie content is about the return of the superhero, the climax of the film is when Superman returns, the Superman scene replaces the armor. severely cut off. Even director Joss Whedon also “eat bricks” a lot just because of a failure to destroy a super. But it was not Whedon’s fault, he simply tried to do well and completed Zack Snyder’s unfinished project.

So, the first lesson that Warner Bros. I realized that I did not respect the spirit child I created. This creates a precedent for the viewer that it is not worth it to spend a fortune to enjoy a piece of work that they do not have the discretion to invest heavily from DCEU, rather than wait until the Blu-ray DVD comes out. to watch the movie.

Unlike the MCU, the direction of the DCEU is quite a lot of people consider the direction is very bold. But how daring is not everyone recognizable. It took them 10 years to build each of their characters, gathering them together in the war with Thanos, creating the ultimate excitement for audiences around the world. Look, just a Black Panther is enough to “overtake” the Titanic and not say the whole team.

And DCEU, they decided to launch the Justice League before the Flash movie, Aquaman, even Shazam and Green Lantern have not released, asking a lot of questions and questions for viewers. Except for the Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman trilogy, not all people know about Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg. Or even Darksied? Their story is how, only people read the comics to be clear.

Chủ ý của việc Justice League được ra đời sớm giống như một bước đệm để mở đầu cho các tác phẩm sau này của DCEU. Giống như kiểu giới thiệu qua để người xem biết “sơ sơ” về Aquaman, Cyborg và The Flash rồi, còn sức mạnh của họ như thế nào, hồi sau sẽ rõ. 

The intention of the Justice League was born early as a stepping stone to the later works of the DCEU. Just like the introduction to the audience to know “primitive” about Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash and then, their strength, how later will be clear.

Admittedly, DC’s “dark” and “deep” are one of the charismatic appeal of the fans as well as contributing to DCEU’s unique character. Super heroes, sometimes need not have a jacket, no need for strength. With enough will power to protect their ideal and to overcome the pain to be able to step forward, that makes them a true hero.

The good of Batman v Superman is not in the “solo skill” between the two superheroes, or scenes beat Doomsday. The essence of the film lies in each line and how the director Zack Snyder built character. People criticize the crowd that Batman “cheat”, but forget that Bruce Wayne is barefoot, only the force can not beat Superman. People are looking forward to a fierce fight, but forget that the purpose of a hero is to protect his ideal, perhaps world peace, can also be loved ones Best.

And Justice League, the mistake of the film is to try to show humor? For example, The Flash plays the word for “brunch”, or Aquaman is caught in the leg of Wonder Woman’s belly. Actually, a bit of humor in the middle of tension is good, but how can even those who are not superhero fans laugh, that is called successful jokes.

In short, though not as successful as the MCU, it does not mean DCEU will die prematurely. 2018 and 2019 will be the Warner Bros. period. Redeem and try to correct the audience with the Aquaman, Shazam and Wonder Woman 2.

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