5 Secrets About The Horror film A Quiet Place

Horror movies “A Quiet Place” and 5 behind the scenes secretly have just gone to theaters

Discovering the process of making a horror film “A Quiet Place” to see the “consensus of husband and wife, making films not afraid of losses”, but also profitable.
Watching A Quiet Place become a successful name on both the commercial and artistic fronts is a satisfying experience for John Krasinski and Emily Blunt fans.

Directed by John and co-starred with his wife Emily, this is a high-quality horror film revolving around a family’s survival in the midst of the monster’s ear, which any sound you create. They can be dangerous to your life. On the occasion of the film is about to be released on April 20, looking back at the secret behind the scenes to understand more about this special film.

1. Emily Blunt “self-nominated” for the female lead in the film

When Krasinski embarked on a script for watch A Quiet Place online free, he had in his mind directed Emily as the mother in the movie, but the young man was “too anxious to ask” for fear of ruining the atmosphere. dinner of both.
Initially known for the project, Blunt nominated several cast members for Evelyn. However, after reading the script, she immediately asked to be cast: “We all understand how much our parenting experience will be in the movie.” Soon after, Blunt picked up the phone and called an actress friend of Krasinski who was originally chosen for Evelyn to “reclaim”.
This is also the first time that the couple Emily – John collaborated as a director – actor in a movie project.

2. Krasinski asked to work with the deaf actor Millicent Simmonds

One of the members of the Silent Land family is the deaf child Regan. Director John Krasinski was determined to choose the deaf actress Millicent Simmonds as Regan. Prior to A Quiet Place, Simmonds was known for being a disabled child in Wonderstruck last year.

3. The real picture of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt used in the film

Intrigued audiences could spot scenes of Evelyn Abbott and Lee Abbott, but few knew that it was John and Emily’s real life. This made the film “real” more than a lot.

4. The couple was anxious to work together

During the performance of A Quiet Place, the couple was worried that their feelings would show up in the film and whether they would cause any trouble for John Krasinski’s directing and filming. To resolve this issue, the two stars prepared themselves very carefully for the trip: “It was the best collaboration ever. She (Emily) was very confident, caring and supportive. He will sit next to me, right in front of the camera to see the scene where she’s acting and not acting. ”

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5. Husband to wife freely release scene “forest sinks”

In the film there is a character Evelyn must give birth in silence, otherwise she will lose her life. John Krasinski, believes that “she is the only one of us who has experienced this scene, so I did not direct anything.

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