3 more absurd deaths in Deadpool 2

3 more absurd deaths in Deadpool 2

1. Vanessa – Hearts of silver

Deadpool 2 opened with bloody killings and unfortunately, the opening also ended Wade Wilson’s girlfriend – Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds). That’s when Deadpool dives into one of the criminals to break into his house, causing him to accidentally fire at Vanessa.

Before the release of the film, no one imagined that she’d been murdered so suddenly. Furthermore, although she was saved after Deadpool’s “trash”, many fans were still unhappy with Vanessa being kicked out of the game after the first movie.

Những nhân vật chết trong phim Deadpool 2

Perhaps, she should be given a new, more important and special role in the studio in Deadpool 3 – Copycat.

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2. Zeitgeist – Dead from being caught in a garbage truck

The Zeitgeist had a very clever and gentle bouncer until he was caught in a garbage truck. After that, despite the attempt to rescue, Peter was clawed by Bill Skarsgard accidentally sprayed on acid.

3. Shatterstar – Dies for landing on a helicopter

Through the final trailer of Deadpool 2, many fans were extremely interested in Shatterstar joining X-Force, but the movie made them disappointed.

During the interview, Shatterstar bragged to Deadpool that he was an alien and claimed that he was better than Wade Wilson in every way. However, the parachute proved the opposite, he landed in a helicopter preparing to depart and was cut into chopped meat.

Những nhân vật chết trong phim Deadpool 2

Aside from that, Shatterstar owns a cool scene in the trailer as he knocks out two of the staff of the Controlled Amorphous. Unfortunately, that movie was only used to distract the audience.

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