10 films are not really great as people have “acclaimed” (Part 1)

10 films are not really great as people have “acclaimed”

“Titanic”, “Frozen” or “La La Land” are all good movies but not as “divine” as we think. In order to evaluate a good movie, there are many factors such as acting, script, lead, knot, etc. However, emotional factors play a very important role. Sometimes, the movie hits the audience’s psyche, making them sympathetic and “illusionist” that the work they are watching really excites them. But the truth is not.

1. Titanic

10 bộ phim không thực sự tuyệt vời như người ta từng tung hô - Ảnh 1. With 11 Oscars and 1 billion dollars, Titanic must be a masterpiece is not right? However, there must be some reason that James Cameron’s work received the Best Film for the Golden Screen but did not get a nomination for the script. And that is the worst movie scenario. The content of the film only in 10 words include: They meet, relations, sinking ship, he died, she died. But they lasted more than three hours with a series of lines and dreadful situations to fatigue. The story of a lady who falls in love with a poor old man who is familiar with boredom has become more fresh through the use of English characters, but is that a thick American accent?

2. Frozen

Fair to say that Frozen is not bad, but it is not so good that the viewer “deification”. The story, the character and the music are all too normal compared to other classic Disney films. Let It Go is good, but if all the places you go to have it turned on 24/7, it’s a disaster. And of course you have to listen to it for months to come. If you think carefully, the character of the film is very difficult. Elsa is an anti-hero with power but does not want to be held accountable (like Spider-Man) and Anna is extremely upset with her immature character since she was 3 years old.

3. Avatar

10 bộ phim không thực sự tuyệt vời như người ta từng tung hô - Ảnh 3. “The highest-grossing movie of all time, the cinematic epic opening to the 3D era …” is the epitome that describes James Cameron’s blockbuster. However, the only thing that Avatar has done is to select the drop point at the time of 3D technology explosion. The film has made good use of this technology to create beautiful and spectacular images, stimulating the curiosity of viewers. Meanwhile, the film content is extremely familiar and faint. You will not be able to watch the full 161 minutes of the work if viewed with a regular computer screen. The emotional factor in the film is not really good, but the technology that captures motion is like “muscle”. Take charge of the three Oscars of the film only for the skill.

4. The Hunger Games

10 bộ phim không thực sự tuyệt vời như người ta từng tung hô - Ảnh 4. Alongside The Hunger Games, female lead Jennifer Lawrence also seems to be overrated. Maybe because she does not know how to act with Katniss no specific character. Last but not least, the affair of her husband is equally “unstable” when he has a commitment to Gale but also not afraid … Peeta’s ear. And is not the story of a fantasy world with a dictator trying to suppress people appearing everywhere? The idea of ​​picking up a bunch of people to play to death is so familiar and the two are living together because the decision … death is a crap all the talk.

5. Twilight

10 bộ phim không thực sự tuyệt vời như người ta từng tung hô - Ảnh 5. Perhaps, the entire Twilight series should be included in this list, not just the first. Yet this incredibly hard-to-believe narrative makes a whole generation of teenagers mad. The main content of the film is a hundred-year-old man fell in love with a child “18” just by … eyes. See more:

Yes, there is no work yet, but the actors are so close to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Therefore, the director only has the way to confess their love by looking at each other. “Lost” in love triangle that is a dog …. Twilight destroys vampires and werewolves so badly with images that are hard to imagine. The only lesson left is that you are pretty automatically automatically countless “marshals” love you to death live again.

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